Aesthetic medical in Malaysia is getting more common. Aesthetic medical help many people to build their self-esteem.

Definition of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia

There is no doubt that it is human nature to be attracted by beautiful things on Earth. For instance, scenery, buildings, vehicles, food, beverages, outfits or the appearance of a person. According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of aesthetic is the concern with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. People start concerning their prettiness since the ancient time as we can see from the seven wonders of the world. The craving for perfection has never been satisfied, which lead the human race putting more efforts in pursuing beauty. From the perspective of the public, aesthetic medicine is a luxury thing to be continued, which only the higher socioeconomic society or the celebrity can afford. However, it can be a life-saving way for the people who are having dissatisfaction in their appearance and afraid of plastic surgery besides enhancing the features of the one already have.

Discrimination of Aesthetic Medical in Malaysia

In the modern era of 2018, there is barely anything which people describe it as “strange”. Malaysia is one of the countries which has been famous for the politic scandals in the past few years. Apart from the sensitive topic (LGBT), aesthetic treatment or plastic surgery is another new issue that worth a discussion. As time goes by, people are getting more and more obsessed with their appearance or how they look physically. This phenomenon not only happening in middle age but the youngster who is still studying in secondary school. Although Malaysia is a country with a variety of races, cultures and religions, Malaysian seem still having a stigma about aesthetic procedures.

Taboo Phenomenon

The length of clients who go through aesthetic procedures would demand to hide about they have had some procedures done on any parts of the face or body. “Taboo phenomenon” about aesthetic has eventually formed among the population, regardless the gender, age and races. Although it is the client’s privacy for not revealing their information or details of the treatment, they have been through, but what they concerned the most is the judgement from the others.

Compare to other Asian countries such as South Korea, Brazil, Venezuela and Thailand. The parents would pay for their children’s boobs or nose jobs, regardless of the economic ladder. Often, the parents make it as one of the birthday gifts. From this evidence, it shows how different the attitude of the parents in compare with Malaysian parents towards aesthetic. Open arms towards—Not so in Malaysia.

Difference between aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery? For cosmetic treatment, they are minimally invasive or non-invasive, which is relatively lower risk and safer. Become the worse; there are numerous misconceptions or myths in Malaysian towards aesthetic treatment regarding their side effects and safety.

Since aesthetic medical in Malaysia is not widespread, people avoid admitting they had undergone cosmetic restorative medical. Mostly, they would claim that the skincare serum they purchased is the secret of their youthfulness. Some of them even go for cosmetic treatment quietly without notice of their family members.

Aesthetic Medical Increases One’s Self-Esteem

Despite that, the number of cosmetic clinics has been increased by seven folds in the past ten years. As the saying goes, when there is demand, there is supply. Who likes to maintain the youthful and attractive look? Aesthetic medicine has become one of the saviours for the Malaysians who lack confidence towards themselves and insecure of the appearance.

The trends of aesthetic medicine are moving from an older population to youngster nowadays. In the more former community, cosmetic doctors prefer to use thread lifting treatment to delay the consequences of ageing. On the other hand, the aesthetic surgery for the youngster is focusing on enhancing the facial features, reducing wrinkles or alternating their body shape by using dermal fillers, Botulinum toxin or laser to reduces the scars or freckles on their face.

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