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Facial Thread Lifting Therapy


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Queen’s Avenue Clinic is a fast-growing aesthetic clinic Malaysia in KL and Johor Bahru. Our doctors are the holders of the Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) license. We provide the most professional and safest aesthetic therapy to society. Besides, as a Centre of Excellence for Facial Thread Lifting Therapy, we provide the most excellent instant visible result like instant V-Shaping Skin Lifting and rejuvenation. Other than that, we also focus on thread insertion, hyaluronic acid injection and poly-L-lactide injection…read more


Ever thought of having a differently and naturally outlook? Ellansé has an unique properties that is not only corrects folds and wrinkles but also stimulates the collagen production on your skin to treat the underlying causes of facial ageing. With Ellansé, you can have a long-lasting and gradual natural youthful appearance.

Treatment Result

Before and After

Before Double Chin Reduction TreatmentAfter Double Chin Reduction Treatment
Before Filler to Nasolabial Folds TreatmentAfter Filler to Nasolabial Folds Treatment
Before Collagen Thread TreatmentAfter Collagen Thread Treatment
Before Nose AugmentationAfter Nose Augmentation
Before Eye Bag RemovalAfter Eye Bag Removal


Professional and Natural Aesthetic Result

Luis Nava. USA

“Professional and Natural Result”

Their professionalism of the doctors and the wonderful services from the staff had amazed me. I had wrinkle reduction and filler injection here and am very satisfy with the immediate and natural result.

Wonderful Aesthetic Experience

Katiane. BRAZIL

“Wonderful aesthetic experience”

I am very satisfied with Queen’s Avenue Clinic’s signature thread lift. My skin complexion improved and the result is very natural, which is what I am looking for.

Wonderful Aesthetic Experience

Abigail. MEXICO.

“Totally worth it to fly across the globe for their services”

I heard good reviews about this aesthetic  from my friend who did some treatments here. That’s why I fly all the way to Malaysia to try their services. Is it worth it? Totally!

Pleasant Aesthetic Experience

Irina. RUSSIA.

“Pleasant experience”

The result was amazing. Dr Nicole was very professional in handling the procedure for me. It was painless and quick. Double thumbs up to this clinic!