Botox Malaysia Many people might having bad perception about botox. However, surprisingly, Botox injection treatment in the medical field including medical aesthetic uses it to treat problems caused by muscle contraction. In other words, those wrinkles occurred due to frequent muscle activities, and excessive sweating problems are solvable using botox
Knee Pain Almost everyone, especially among elderly experience knee pain. Generally speaking, knee pain mostly happens due to ageing process. Besides, it may also be the result of a sudden injury such as torn ligaments or meniscus. The meniscus is a crescent-shaped wedge of cartilage within the knee. It designed to distribute your
Skin Ageing Ageing is a natural process that occurs from the moment we are born, but it is avoidable. Ageing affects multiple organs of our body, including our largest organ, which is skin. Skin ageing causes our appearance no longer looking youthful and beautiful. When we look old, it will
Aesthetic medical in Malaysia is getting more common. Aesthetic medical help many people to build their self-esteem. Definition of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia There is no doubt that it is human nature to be attracted by beautiful things on Earth. For instance, scenery, buildings, vehicles, food, beverages, outfits or the
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How did Dark Eye Circles happen? Is it having enough of dark eye circles? Well, do you know how does it happen? In the majority, we believe dark eye circles are mostly temporarily. It often due to ageing or lack of sleep. Both genders are having equal chances of suffering
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What to consider to do an aesthetic treatment? When you decide to do an aesthetic treatment, you might be curious about why is choosing the right aesthetic doctor so important. If you have a terrible so-called “aesthetic doctor”, but the one who performs the treatment is actually a beautician, that’s
PRP treatment
Have you chosen the right clinic for PRP treatment? MOH officials recommend that clients who have received a “PRP treatment” or any other type of injection-related service get tested for HIV and other blood-borne infections. They worried that the unsafe practices carried out by non-certified practitioners in which it had
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