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Nasolabial Fold Correction

Nasolabial Fold Correction

Filler injection treatment is a type of aesthetic medicine that can use for nasolabial fold correction. The most recommended filler to correct nasolabial fold problem is Juvederm filler from the USA and Teosyal filler from Switzerland. Both Juvederm filler and Teosyal filler are hyaluronic acid filler that gives a natural look after correcting the folds. Both Swiss Teosyal Filler and USA Juvederm consist of small molecules in which they are resilience in the filled sunken parts. The sunken facial areas, especially dynamic wrinkles like nasolabial folds, look more natural after filling these fillers. 

With clinically proven from the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and European clinic trial, they are safe to inject to an individual’s dermal skin. Since the fillers are popular brands in the USA and Switzerland, it is only legal to be found in the aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, but not in any beauty salon. 

Generally, nasolabial folds are known as smile lines. They are the lines extend from each side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Medical professionals often refer to the smile line as nasolabial folds due to its muscle contraction affecting the nose and upper lip, which created lines between them.

The smile lines created o years of recurring muscle contractions. The muscles consistently push the skin into a folding motion which etches lines into the surface.

As we age, the skin is more susceptible to gaining fine lines, including losing its elasticity. Consequently, the skin tissue will also lose its volume and begins to detach itself from the muscle. The combination of these factors causes the skin to sag, and it becomes increasingly difficult for it to bounce back from everyday damage. Nutritional diet and drink plenty of water will help in reducing nasolabial fold. Last but not least, a person who wants flawless skin, sun protection and a quality skincare routine is important too.

We provide the following treatments for Laughter Lines:

Signature treatments

-Dermal Fillers

-Collagen Thread Insertion